Take our virtual tour to see what happens on sale day at Navasota Livestock, and how we make it easy to consign your cattle to our auctions!
Look for the Navasota Auction Barn located on Hwy 90 South.
If you are selling cattle, pull your trailer to the right entrance of our barn, and look for the sign that says "Cattle Receiving". Follow the signs to our receiving barn, pictured here.
When you enter the receiving barn, our friendly staff will greet you and gather the information on your cattle.
Next, pull your trailer to the next barn, where our staff will unload your cattle and present you with your ticket that documents the cattle we received from you.
After you park your trailer, come inside the sale barn and register either as a buyer or a seller.  Then, take your seats and be ready for the goat sale at 11:00 AM and cattle sale at 12:00 noon each Saturday.

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Navasota Livestock Auction
7846 Hwy 90 South - Navasota, TX

Greg Goudeau: 936.661.8432
E-mail: info@navasotalivestock.com

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